Friday, June 26, 2009

necessary code


ode to the butterfly

when you've slaved all day
and you are feeling beat
and the weight of the world
has you down on your knees
sit back
and let me eat
and when i am through
i will give my soul to you

and when you are feeling empty
yet so full of pain
just picture my face
and whisper my name
i'll come and i'll love you
i have no choice
i live only to fill your void

you're the god that made me
i'm a creature of your loning
so don't try to blame me
when all i want to do
is touch you

Feed This Little Need

feed this little need
breathe in what i bleed
just to see
if maybe you’ll
understand me

how now little brown cow
my veins are aching
i’m spitting up all this
piss and shit
and feeling too sick
to care that
its all meaningless

and twinkle twinkle fucking star
get a little too hot
got a little too far
now its all gone gone gone
and spinning in circles
around a blue moon mood

feed this little need
suck the truth love life
out of me
see what i see
and see if you don’t bleed

as this old man
he plays one
just trying to have
a little bit of fun
but we all know
where fun gets you
strung up in the sun
all black and blue

while little boy blue
blows his horn
and all the beauty they’re
fucking into porn

i’m getting sicker by the hour

feed this little need
lift me from their perfect dream
this diseased reality
pick up the pieces
they’ve made out of me
put it all together
we'll all know what this means

another little knife in the back
exit with a laugh
it all falls down
filtered thru the bloodshot eyes
of an inside out

and mary mary its all so contrary
where is your garden now
is there such a thing
as a safe place
to be
can a soul so unclean
ever be free
of what it never wanted to see

feed this little need
i’m not meaning
to be greedy
just wanting
to be ok

and oh so
filthy fucking me
seems i begun to open up
seems i tried to touch too much
before i learned
the pain of being real
before i learned
it hurts too much to feel

and in the sky there’s a snake in the grass
and the undeniable truth
of the past
is that what’s slinking thru the grass
has sleazy greasy reasons
to be hiding

feed this little need
show me what’s inside of
i’ll prove it’s the same pain
that rots away
inside of me

as sucking on a cigarette
science blows out its smoke
with no regrets
why is it every single answer
once let loose turns to cancer
and science ain’t the only one smoking

and here comes the bride
all fucked up and
wearing white lies
and we’re still wondering why
nothing works at all

feed this little need
kill off all the monsters
breeding inside of me
in my head
god, see what it means
to want me dead

perfect endless monotonous
just humming away
churning out the grey
as they all stand in line
so they can pay off the fines
for the crime of being alive

as it's all bought and sold
silver and gold
here, here’s my control
my little piece of mind
thank you for wasting my time
and wearing down my soul

feed this little need
i don't want to be numb
but i don't want to feel anything
if its all gonna keep
feeling like this
shut my eyes blank my mind
forget i ever even heard of bliss

humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty had a great fall
and all the kings horses
and all the kings men
well, they were well fed
so why should they care
if humpty gets back together again
what did humpty ever do for them

and to reiterate
my mental state
i'm getting sicker by the minute

feed this little need
i got lost inside of me
fell into some subconscious stream
and drowned
so here i am now
still stuck in way back then

oh and the birds and the bees
and the flowers and the trees
bright blue sky and the deep blue sea
and all of everything
its all dying
just coming undone as mindless us
block out the fucking sun
pollute all that is love

and the itsy bitsy spider
she crawls up the water spout
she's trying to get out
of this hell we've trapped her in

feed this little need
to see the picture perfect scene
and not what’s considered reality
what i call obscene

built a tower to the sky
found out it’s all a lie
nothing up there
but darkness
and so much air
oh but look at what i find
when i take a look inside

just keep watching the picture show
watch it as it all goes
up in flames
fucking little idiot
still thinking its all a game
still lost to the sanity
of the blessedly

feed this little need
i’m just a fool you see
i’ll never know everything
so i’ll never know
exactly what this means

engine engine #9
built on death
to help kill time
their hands are such a pretty shade of red
said they still don’t regret their crimes
because look at where they’ve got them now
in a position to believe
they’ve got it all figured out

and hey diddle diddle
the cat and the fiddle
and the dish ran away with the spoon
they hate your fake face
said they get sick every time you move

feed this little need
i lost everything to be me
so i won’t go back now
to oink oinking as loud
as i possibly can
back to the pervertedly pigish thing
called being masculine man

and i don’t want to hate the world
i swear
i want to love it all
i’d give anything to always care
so why do they make it so hard
why can’t we all just admit
how fucked up we all really are

fact of life:
we all sin
fact of life:
we’ll all do it again
so get off your pale high horse
and help me help, my friend

feed this little need
skin this guilty skin off of me
give me back my little seed
you see i’m just someone’s son
just another mind crippled child
cursed with the inability
to forget what has been done

and this little piggy went to the market
and this little piggy stayed home
but what about the little piggy
who’s got no where to go
why is he always left out in the cold
omitted from their pretty rhymes
do they still think this little world
will fix itself in time

and just in case you missed
my feelings on all of this
i’m getting sicker by the second

feed this little need
as it eats away at me
and as my hand starts to shake
and my heart continues to break
as they dive headlong into their fate
i realize
i’ve lost much too much weight

hickory dickory dock
the mouse ran up the clock
but try as he might
with all his mousey might
he couldn’t get time to stop
so he sacrificed his life
to prove to you and me
that the shit is getting
just a bit too deep

but yet you still won’t try
green eggs and ham
you still won’t admit
it’s our only chance